About Our Shop

Leather gloves never went out of style.
~ Hildegard Weber

After 8 years selling beautiful gloves and scarves part-time, we are delighted to announce that Boutique Firenze opened a permanent shop in October, 2017.

We continue to bring you fine Italian gloves made from lambskin, colourful scarves in many fabrics including silk, linen, cashmere blends and easy to wear acrylic. We carry styles for men and women, to give everyone a touch of affordable and practical elegance.

Boutique Firenze has been expanding its Italian product selection to include purses, small leather goods, fine toiletries, jewellery and Murano glass. In addition, we are pleased to showcase a variety of beautiful Canadian accessories and gifts made by artisans from London and across the country.

Please check our website and Facebook page for updates, and share this our site with your friends — we appreciate our loyal customers. A presto!

Bettina Weber
London, Ontario

The whole story…
In 2007, Bettina Weber and her husband Len Elliott went to Italy for the first time. “It was our honeymoon, and we thought it would be a scenic and romantic place to visit,” Bettina smiles. “Italy was everything we expected, and more; that trip changed our lives. In short, we loved Italy— the people, the art, the food, and the lifestyle. We loved it so much we came up with a crazy business idea that would enable us to go there more often.” In 2009, the couple created Boutique Firenze, and began importing fine Italian gloves and scarves. “I sold our products at fairs, school sales and women’s events, attending sales in between my jobs as an Emergency Manager and the owner of Absolutely Creative Training, where I taught First Aid & CPR. Every December, I would turn my training office on Adelaide Street into pop-up shop, and I would sell lovely lambskin gloves, silk scarves and pashminas to appreciative Londoners for a few busy weeks.”

In the fall of 2017, Bettina sold the training business, and on October 27th opened a full time boutique. During their trips to Italy, the couple continues to seek beautiful Italian products, usually made by small or family-run businesses. “We know the owners, have seen the manufacturing and personally choose quality products and classic styles, which we hope will delight our shoppers for years to come,” says Bettina. “Most of the scarves come from Florence, the hand-sewn leather gloves from Naples; we found Murano glass jewellery, Carnevale masks and woodblock prints in Venice. We carry a lovely line of Tuscan soaps and toiletries, and hope to add purses and small leather goods to the shop later this summer.” In addition to their Italian specialties, Boutique Firenze also carries a variety of unique artisan gifts made in Canada. These include enchanting handblown glass orbs and suncatchers from Kitras Art Glass in Fergus, gilded maple leaves from Waterloo, aprons and shopping bags from London’s World Tailors, and scarves and other accessories decorated with Indigenous art from the Pacific Northwest. They are also proud to carry wonderful hats and purses made by Paddy Kelleher Designs and classic children’s toys by Elliott Woodworking, both artisans from Old South.

It has taken eight years for Boutique Firenze to grow from hobby to full time job. The store has a base of loyal customers who appreciate the artistry and style of the Italian and Canadian products that they offer. Bettina encourages you to drop by for a visit, and says, “we hope to become a favourite shop for anyone seeking a delightful gift, or wanting to buy a little everyday elegance for themselves. See you soon— a presto!”

~Article by Cathy Wood, published in the Wortley Villager, June 2018